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Verbier ski rental
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What we offer

At Ski Service we pride ourselves on offering the best service in town. Included in all of our Verbier ski rental packages are the following extras:

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Free ski storage

As a Ski Service customer, there is no need to carry all of your kit around town. You can store your skis and boots overnight, free of charge, in our main shop in town or at our shop on the mountain. We will heat and dry your boots and have them ready for your in the morning.

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Ski Service Les Ruinettes

To summit up, Verbier's one and only mountain-top shop,located just meters from the telecabin station at Les Ruinettes is our second shop. Here you canswap, and store your equipment without needing to head down the mountain.

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Free exchanges

Conditions on the mountain can change daily as can your needs. Therefore at Ski Service you can swap any of your kit free of charge no questions asked. Our staff can advise you on what skis will be best for the snow conditions each day. Swap your skis, boots and more for free at Ski Service on the mountain or in town.

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Pickup day before

Getting here early? Get some runs in on us! Book your equipment hire online andwe will make it valid from3pm the day before your first booked day.

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We offer much greater flexibility than 3rd party rental companies should you need to lengthen or shorten your rental period. We can simply extend rentals at the same online rate or we can reimburse money directly in the shop if you return your equipment early.

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A personal touch

Request specific models or let us know which skis you enjoyed last year to ensure you have the right gear this season.We are rated as Verbier's top ski shop and rental service on TripAdvisor, Google and Trustpilot.

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Our skis

Take a peekat a selection of the skis that we offer:


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Verbier ski rental - Verbier Ski Rental (8)



Verbier ski rental - Verbier Ski Rental (9)

Völkl Racetiger SC

Step into the Völkl Racetiger SC andshow offyour on-piste skills. Keep your cool and stay in control even on steep terrain.

Scott Free 90TI

The Scott Free 90TI turns the mountain into your playground with 90mm waist width thesearethe ultimate all-mountain planks.

Line Pescado

Make the best of the best days with the Pescado thanks to it's awesom swallow tail.

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Bonus your order

At Ski Service we offer so much more than the humble Verbier ski rental. Below are some examples of the extras you can add to your order:

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Ski Lessons

Never skied before? Or maybe you are an advanced skier looking to get some tips to gain that extra edge. Our ski school partnersare Verbier's best rated ski schools, and will have you skiing like a pro in not time! As part of our Verbier ski rental system you can request a lesson from our partners for a time that best suits you.

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Book your ski pass

As part of the order process you can book your ski pass for Verbier and 4 Vallées with a simple click. As soon as we receive your order we will print your passes and have them ready for your arrival in our store in Verbier!

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In-store Fitting

Have all your equipment expertly fitted and adjusted in-store. Book online at home and get your boots, skis and all other gear flitted by our ski technicians.

Find our more about Verbier ski passes

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At Ski Service we take great care in making sure that your Verbier ski rental equipment is top of the range. Here is an exampleof some of the brands we stock:

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Verbier ski rental - Verbier Ski Rental (14)

Verbier ski rental - Verbier Ski Rental (15)

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Verbier ski rental - Verbier Ski Rental (16)

Verbier ski rental - Verbier Ski Rental (17)

Verbier ski rental - Verbier Ski Rental (18)

Verbier ski rental - Verbier Ski Rental (19)

Verbier ski rental - Verbier Ski Rental (20)

Verbier ski rental - Verbier Ski Rental (21)

More skis

Rental network around Verbier

You have the choice between 3 of our shops around Verbier

Verbier ski rental - Verbier Ski Rental (22)

Ski Service Les Ruinettes

Verbier's one and only ski shop on the mountain. Located just across from the tele-cabins at the main station Les Ruinettes, we have our mountain top shop. Here you canswap and storeyour equipment. It is quick and easy saving you time and allowing you to ski more.

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Ski Service Verbier

At the heart of town we have our main shop. 2 minutes walk from the Medran cabins you can be on the mountain within 10 minutes from leaving the store. This is the centre of our Verbier rental network and our largest store. Here you can store, rent, exchange, service and buy everything you need for your perfect ski holiday.

Verbier ski rental - Verbier Ski Rental (24)

Ski Service Hotel Montpelier

Inside the Hotel Montpelier we have our 3rd shop in town. Perfectly convenient for staying in Verbier. You can rent, swap and store your equipment all within the comfort of the hotel.

Choose from our Verbier ski rental packages

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The newest, lightest, fastest skis on the mountain. Our Platinum Verbier ski rental package is where you will find all of this and more. Our carbon freeride and piste skis will allow you to take the mountain by storm.

Verbier ski rental - Verbier Ski Rental (26)


For experienced skiers looking to maximize their skiing. The Diamond Verbier ski rental package has some of our most exciting skis. High end race skis from Volkl and Atomic, as well as our freeride skis. You are guaranteed to make the most of everything Verbier has to offer.

Verbier ski rental - Verbier Ski Rental (27)


There's no hiding it, you're a good skier and you need the kit to match. Look no further, our Gold Verbier ski rental package is just what you need. With a great selection of piste, freeride and freestyle skis our staff will fit you with the skis to suit your requirements.

Just getting going?

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For beginners we have our Silver Verbier ski rental package. If you have never skied before or if you are just getting back into it after a long break, our silver package is just for you. Our staff will fit you with all the equipment youwill need to be cruising the alpine pistes with the best of them in no time.


Getting the right fitting boot can change everything when skiing. Within our range of Premiumboots you can find the perfect boot to take your skiing to the next level.

Verbier ski rental - Verbier Ski Rental (29)

Verbier ski rental - Verbier Ski Rental (30)

Verbier ski rental - Verbier Ski Rental (31)

Nordica Strider 120

With a thirst for exploring the entire mountain, Nordica’s Strider 120 DYN embraces the toughest terrain. Its alpine hike mechanism affords a generous 46° range of motion to ensure you can venture uphill with ease.

Dabello Chakra

The Chakra 85 is designed for athletic women who ski a wide variety of terrain and snow conditions. With all elements working together the Chakra 85 is the ideal choice for intermediate through advanced skiers.

Dabello Lupo

The Lupo is geared for skiers who want the versatility of a high performance freeride boot that also features tech inserts for touring.

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What's your style?

Choosing the style of skiing you would like to do will give us an idea of the best skis for you. You are always able to change your skis if you would like.


If you've never skied before or looking to get back into it after a long break, then this the style for you. Our staff will fit you with the perfect skis for you so that you will be cruising the pistes with the best of them in no time!

On piste

Sticking to the groomed slopes? Whether you're looking to glide with style and finesse or break a land-speed record, we have the skis for you. Our selection of racing skis such as, the Volkl Racetiger are top of the range for piste performance. Follow the link below to find out more about our full range of skis.


It's no secret Verbier has some of the best off piste terrain in the world. Our selection of Freeride skis, like the Faction Dictator 4.0 or the Blizzard Rustler 11, are perfect to conquer all the terrain around.

All Mountain

If you are looking to ski everything you can see from the lift our all mountain skis are perfect for you. Skis like the Blizzard Brahma are perfect for doing just this. Their rocker tip adds some extra float off piste without comprising on piste performance.

Do you want to find out more about the specific skis we have available? Click the link below to be taken to our information page with a full list of our skis.


So you're looking to leave the marked trails and get into the back country.. Our touring skis, such as the Scott Speed Guide, are perfect for you. Their light weight construction and touring binding mean that you can venture into the quietestcorners of the 4 Vallées with ease.

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Good to know

Group booking

Booking for several people? No problem. Simply "add more" items to your cart when you are selecting equipment or passes. You can add each person person'sbio metric infobefore confirming the order and you can even change the dates of individual items.

Multiple dates

If you need to book for several different periods, overlapping or not, simply add everything you need to cart. Then edit the dates before confirming the booking.

More than skiing

Snowboards, telemark skis, cross-country skis, touring skis, safety equipment,sledges, children's equipment,sensible footwear your mother would approve of,ski poles, so many freaking poles - if you are into poles;I mean... you just got come check themout. This but with poles.

Verbier 4 Vallées Piste Map

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This is the weather you can look forward to in Verbier

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Secure payment

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Accepted credit cards: Mastercard, Diners Club International, Visa, American Express and Post Finance.
Pay with online banking via PostFinance E-Finance and lastlywe also acceptMasterPass.

Service you can trust

Ski Service is Verbier's top rated ski rental shop on TripAdvisor, Google, and Trust Pilot. We work hard to ensure that each client's needs are met and that your ski holiday runs as smoothly as possible. Our staff know the mountain, and they know skis. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we'll fit you with the skis and boots that are right for you and the conditions. Opened in the early 1970's and locally owned ever since, Ski Service is at the heart of Verbier.

Verbier's top rated ski pass & ski hire service

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Why is Verbier so famous? ›

Verbier is known for its off-piste and itinerary runs. Amongst these are popular mogul fields Tortin, Gentianes, Mont Fort and Plan du Fou as well as more advanced itineraries Vallon D'Arbi and Mont Gelé (which are often closed).

How posh is Verbier? ›

But really, everything in Verbs (as it's known) is premium. The resort, located in south-western Switzerland in the canton of Valais, has the highest price premium of all alpine resorts and buyers can spend up to 80 per cent more than average for prime properties.

Is Verbier skiing hard? ›

Verbier: The Place to Ski Hard and Push Your Limits. If you love to ski or snowboard off-piste, you'll love Verbier. We can't think of another ski resort that offers the same quantity and quality of easily-accessed steep and deep terrain.

How much does it cost to rent skis in Switzerland? ›

For a day rental for skis, boots, and poles, expect to pay about CHF 20-25 for little kids, CHF 25-30 for juniors, and CHF 45 for adults. For adults, there are usually different categories of equipment, based on your ski level. If you are a beginner or casual skier, you will usually get the least expensive level.

Is Zermatt or Verbier better? ›

When it comes to the ski area, Zermatt has a more readily accessible area but fewer pistes, so for those who want to spend all day on the slopes, Verbier is the better option. Not only because of its size but also because of its many pistes suitable for skiers of all levels.

What celebrities go to Verbier? ›

Verbier is a hotspot for celebrities like Jude Law, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas, James Blunt, Prince Harry, Jamie Oliver, Ronan Keating, Barack Obama, and ​​​​Leonardo di Caprio. Pixie Lott visited Verbier with Oliver Cheshire, her boyfriend, for New Year and stayed at the Le Farinet Lounge.

How much does a week in Verbier cost? ›

The average price of a 7-day trip to Verbier is $1,540 for a solo traveler, $2,766 for a couple, and $5,185 for a family of 4. Verbier hotels range from $84 to $341 per night with an average of $224, while most vacation rentals will cost $140 to $400 per night for the entire home.

What is the most expensive place in the Alps? ›

Moritz and Gstaad in Switzerland: the highest prices for real estate in Europe are achieved here. With prices per square metre of up to 60,000 euros, the Swiss ski resorts are the most expensive regions for ski real estate in the entire Alps.

Is Verbier safe? ›

We are delighted to welcome you back to Verbier! Rest assured, the whole resort complies with all the health guidelines to guarantee you a stay that's as safe and comfortable as can be.

What is the best month to ski Verbier? ›

Best Times to Visit: The ski season in Verbier runs from the end of November to early May. But if you want to guarantee snow, early March is the best time to go. During the summer months, Verbier offers everything from cycling, walking and paragliding holidays for adventure travelers!

Is Verbier OK for beginners? ›

Best beginner areas

The three nursery areas in Verbier ski are easily accessed from the centre of resort and can be found relatively close together on the piste map. Les Esserts is the largest of the beginner ski areas in Verbier (with 1 drag lift & 2 magic carpets at your disposal).

What is the most difficult ski resort in Switzerland? ›

If you believe the locals, Le Mur Suisse is the steepest ski slope in the world. One thing is for certain: the one-kilometre track is legendary and poses a challenge, including for enthusiastic winter guests in the Portes du Soleil area. Even the most hardened and acrobatic skiers will go weak at the knees here!

Are ski bags free with Swiss? ›

Can I take ski equipment with me free of charge? Yes, in addition to your checked baggage, you can transport your ski or snowboard equipment at no extra charge on all flights operated by SWISS (including wet lease). Your checked baggage must be within the required dimensions for size and weight.

Do you need insurance to ski in Switzerland? ›

Liability insurance on the slopes

If the accident is serious, these damages can add up to hundreds of thousands of francs. Because of this, liability insurance is an absolute must for anyone who engages in winter sports.

Is it cheaper to ski in Austria or Switzerland? ›

Austria is a cheaper place to ski compared to Switzerland as the lift tickets are often 10-15€ cheaper per day for adults. Check out the table below for the most recent (at the time of writing) ski season day lift ticket prices in popular Swiss and Austrian resorts.

Is Verbier closer to Geneva or Zurich? ›

Zurich is a bit further than Geneva when heading to Verbier, but it's still a doable journey for a weekend or trip away. By car is the easiest way to make this journey, at just over a 3 hour drive.

Is Verbier good for advanced skiers? ›

Verbier is well known as a haven for advanced skiers, with several famous itinerary runs and copious opportunities for world-class, off-piste skiing.

Can you ski from Verbier to Zermatt? ›

This great ski tour takes us from Verbier all the way to Zermatt, finishing our adventure at the foot of the impressive Matterhorn.

Do you need a car in Verbier? ›

Bringing your own vehicle with you to Verbier is a good choice if you want to have more flexibility once you're here, even if you don't really need a car in winter to get around resort thanks to the free shuttle buses.

Does Verbier have night skiing? ›

On select nights throughout the season, you can go on the floodlit Moulins piste for a night time ski or snowboard session. There will be food and drink available and music on the slope.

Are buses in Verbier free? ›

Take advantage of the free shuttle bus in Verbier which is running the whole year. Timetables are available at the various bus stops and from the Verbier or Le Châble tourist offices.

Can foreigners buy property in Verbier? ›

No restrictions - Residential real estate purchase by non-EU-citizen with permanent residence permit (permit C) No restrictions - Commercial real estate.

Does Verbier have good nightlife? ›

With a lively and vibrant après-ski scene, Verbier has plenty of spots opening their doors to welcome you off the pistes. Up on the mountain is Verbier's equivalent of La Folie Douce, Le Mouton Noir.

Are the Italian Alps cheaper than Switzerland? ›

It's way cheaper. Of course, this will depends but well, Switzerland costs as everything is goldy there and French and Austria are basically richer countries. So Italy and the Slovenian Alps have more affordable prices.

What is the most expensive place on earth? ›

Singapore and New York City tied for the first rank amongst the world's most expensive cities in 2022, pushing Israel's Tel Aviv from the first place in 2021 to the third place in 2022. Both these cities had high inflation and a strong currency.

What is the most expensive city all over the world? ›

The top 10 most expensive cities in the world
  • New York City, USA.
  • Singapore – tied with NYC.
  • Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • Los Angeles, USA.
  • Hong Kong, China.
  • Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Geneva, Switzerland.
  • San Francisco, USA.
Dec 5, 2022

Do they speak German in Verbier? ›

In Verbier the main languages spoken are predominantly French and English, coupled with Italian and German.

Are cars allowed in Verbier? ›

Freedom: Bringing your car with you to Verbier allows you to move around once in resort. You'll be able to come and go from the pistes whenever you please and visit neighbouring towns and ski areas. Self-catering is also easier when you have your own vehicle, as you can travel to the local supermarkets.

What is skiing like in Verbier? ›

Verbier is famous for off-piste skiing. The better your skiing, the more the resort comes into its own. Easier blue and red skiing can be found in the central valley area but on the whole this is an intermediate/expert rather than a beginner resort.

Is Verbier French or German speaking? ›

In Verbier the main languages spoken are predominantly French and English, coupled with Italian and German. Verbier is located in the Suisse Romande, the French speaking part of Switzerland.

What do people wear in Verbier? ›

It's important to wear appropriate clothing whilst skiing and a specialist ski jacket and trousers (or Salopettes) will keep you warm and protect against any knocks or bumps you encounter on the slopes. If it's particularly cold, you may wish to pack some thermal under-layers for extra warmth.

Who owns Verbier ski resort? ›

One of the leading mountain lift company in Switzerland, Téléverbier SA is responsible for the three prestigious resorts of Verbier, La Tzoumaz and Bruson. The company holds shares of the secteur Mont-Fort with the neighboring company, NV remontées mécaniques SA.

What is the price level in Verbier? ›

Verbier Lift Pass Prices
Lift TicketsChildAdult
1 Day PriceCHF33 - CHF35CHF66 - CHF69
6 Day PriceCHF170 - CHF179CHF340 - CHF357
Age Range8 - 1425 - 64

What is the average snowfall at Verbier ski resort? ›

Verbier gets an average annual snowfall of 425cm of snow per year. Check out Verbier historical snowfall using the grid below with average Verbier snow stats that includes: Average Snowfall, Max Base Depth, Biggest Snowfall, Snowfall Days and Average Base Depth.


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