Decalogy part 3/3 b: The Reaper - I Reap Souls In DC ( Bleach x DC fanfic) (2023)

(General P.O.V)

Then Trigon turned his attention to the metal contraption in his hands.

"They shall learn to serve or die." The smile on his face widened.

"Death however will not be an escape. Your souls shall be devoured..."

The reporter inside the chopper looked at her colleague who was frozen in terror, staring into the eyes of Trigon. Then red veins begun appearing on his face, spreading out from his now scarlet eyes.

His skin turned slightly red and from his back blood burst out along with half formed black wings.


Cat Grant asked cautiously.

The Cameraman's neck snapped to stare at her. He opened his now blackened and sharp teeth.


The Cameraman reached out with a clawed hand towards the reporter, Cat Grant who jerked away with wide eyes.

"Mark! Mark! No!"

The Cameraman lunged but Cat fell to her back, desperately pushing out with her legs. Her feet landed on the midsection of the Cameraman and sent him sailing through the hole in the craft.

The reporter was devastated, she was the one who had insisted they pull in closer. She was the one who had signed their deaths. She looked down at the rapidly disappearing Cameraman's body.

" sor..."

Raven could only look on, unable to do anything.

"The exceptional ones, re-educated and forged." Trigon continued.

"Stripped of their morality. When put up against your friends and long does it take for you to choose yourself?"

The metal separating the cockpit from their compartment was shredded through as the pilot, now with sharp claws begun to tear his way through, heading for Cat.

"No! Keith! Stay Away!"

Her hand scrambled for something on her purse. Something she had taken to carrying after launching off her career by exposing a huge drug trafficking ring. A small Beretta Pico. She aimed the already loaded gun and aimed it at her long time friend.


Raven's spirit remnants dove through the chopper trying to carry the woman away, only to phase through her like she did everything. She hated this.

"I... I'll shoot!"

Cat warned.

"Do it..." A sinister whisper went through her mind.

"Remember how he treated you when you first joined. They scorned you for your inexperience, dismissed you for being young...underestimated you for being a woman..."

'Yeah...they had.'

She said, convinced and started putting pressure on the trigger.

Then something fast sliced off Trigon's wrist. There was a roar of pain as Trigon stepped back, cradling his dismembered hand. Black blood burst out of his arm falling to the ground.

"Who dares?!"

He roared, scanning the area.

"That's what you don't understand father..."

Raven's left over essence spoke up from inside the chopper, a green shield around her and Cat. Trigon's hand seemed to burn away, releasing dozens of souls whose energy was used to safely fly the Chopper away from Trigon.

Raven looked at one of the souls, briefly touching it and this time her hand did not phased through. Instead she felt a gentle voice call out,

"Hold on."

As the hunk of metal flew under the multiple souls' power.

She looked out through the hole, a relieved smile on her pale face. She could feel her other self. Her true self calling out. And she could sense something else too. Someone familiar.

"I don't need an army to stop you. Or a hero. Or even a villain."

She affirmed, her voice growing stronger.

"I only need a badass friend who wants nothing than to kick your ass for being the single most horrible father in the multiverse."

Trigon followed his daughter's line of sight and saw what she saw.


The trans-dimensional entity reared back as if slapped.


the air above him burned with green flames. Flames that covered long chains that whipped through the air, wrapped around the Figure's forearms.

The being Trigon was so wary of was dressed in a black, tight fitting costume comprised mostly of leather and straps that echoed a straitjacket.

The jacket extended to the ground, billowing out ominously. A flaming cat skull served at its head and face. For it's eyes were deep dark holes that could induce madness the longer you stared.

Trigon recognized this being from his travels across the multiverse. An Avatar of Death. Or rather...death itself.

A being even he was wary to cross.

Something sharp whistled through the air and a long double bladed scythe landed in it's arms. 'That scythe....' Trigon realized as he panicked slightly. It induced the feeling of the end. His wrist still bled from getting sliced off.

The Reaper pointed it's skeletal finger at Trigon, cloak billowing behind him like a tattered flag. It twirled the scythe in its hands

"The souls of the condemned are mine to bear. The souls of the righteous must be allowed to pass on. You are not welcome here, Trigon!"

The Grim Reaper's voice was akin to billions of different voices, all adding up into one massive sound that bellowed through the heavens.

Trigon turned his sights to his daughter.


He growled, his anger potent enough to fill the air with his energy.

"Do you have any idea what you have done!!!?"

He barked out.

"You have no business in this world, Father" Raven intoned, strength filling her as she spoke into Trigon's mind. "You will leave, or you will face the consequences." She told him while staring at the figure in the sky.


"Whatever those consequences may be."

At the drop of her words, the Reaper moved. There wasn't any outrageous display of power. They streaked through the air, silently. Like death coming for an ailing old man.

Trigon roared in response, his eyes lighting up and firing red beams of energy. The scythe in the Grim Reaper's hands begun rotating, blocking the beam and causing the attack to split off to the sides, destroying the walls of the crater.

Then suddenly the Reaper was behind Trigon, a chain wrapped around one of his horns. Then the Reaper pulled and Trigon's huge hulking body was sent sailing out of the crater and away into the wider city.

Trigon's huge form tore a groove on the ground as he bounced off, destroying multiple buildings. Luckily, it was a section of Gotham City that had already been evacuated.

The trans-dimensional entity shook his head, getting to his feet.

"You dare?!"

He roared,his anger boiling as he grabbed onto the chain wrapped around his horn.

Trigon cried out in pain as the chains burned him. The chains wound themselves around his hands and then his body. All under the control of the Grim Reaper behind him. Trigon's head jerked to the sky as he sensed something approaching.

"You... you're mad!"

A huge meteor fell towards the Earth, burning with green flames.

A circle flashed and the Leaguers who were hit point blank by Trigon's attack appeared, unarmed.

Zatara breathed out a sigh of relief as the teleportation circle faded.

The league members looked around finding themselves on the top of a building. They weren't alone. Kid Flash, Robin, Aqualad and Red Arrow stood beside them.

All of their eyes however were directed towards the sky. The League members followed their gaze just as Kid Flash spoke up.

"Is...he allowed to do that? Is... anyone?"

The young speedster muttered in shock.

"By Hera."

Wonder Woman cursed out, staring at the rapidly descending rock from outer space.

"If that thing lands, then let alone Gotham, the whole world will be destroyed."

Speedy muttered, strapping his bow as if it would have been useful against the incoming disaster.

"How can anyone wield that much power?"

Hawk-woman wondered, her grip on the mace in her hands tightening.


Wonder Woman called out, crouching slightly.

"Captain Atom and I will try to intercept it. Robin, use the ear piece to inform Shazam to break apart any hide chunks that will break off from the main..."

"That won't work. It's not a normal meteor. Oh and Davian is not just anyone."

A voice sounded from behind them. A pitch black dome formed from their shadows. The League instantly went on guard, moving to protect the sidekicks. Once the dome unravelled, Raven stumbled out, one arm slung over Green Arrow's shoulder. The Archer's eyes swept through the team, looking for one specific person.

"Where's Dinah?"

He wondered.

None of the League members answered.


Wonder Woman shook her head sadly.

"She was injured while trying to take out Aquaman. Both of them are stable but under medical care."

The Archer's jaw worked like crazy.

"Soon as this cluster fuck is over... you're taking me to her."

He growled.

"No time to talk."

Raven told them, pulling away from Green Arrow's hold to stare not at the ongoing fight or the falling meteor but at something else headed towards them.

Something only she could see. Her missing soul piece.

The missing piece flew down as both her and the real Raven extended one finger out. She stared at herself. Both their eyes burned with hope. A hope that had been ignited by him.

"He's fighting for us."

The Soul Piece told her.

Raven smiled.

"I know. So let's fight for him."

Their finger pads touched and a bright white light rushed out from the contact. The light formed into a large white Raven.

The meteor finally landed. And with it came a massive explosion that a certain ghost hero, Deadman witnessed from the outskirts of Gotham, wondering what was happening.


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