10 Cities With Best Weather Year Round - The Mysterious World (2023)

Imagine a place with a pleasant climate all the year. Nothing more we could as for. Isn’t it? Are you looking for such perfect weather places? Here the list of 10 cities with the best weather year round.

10Medellin, Colombia

10 Cities With Best Weather Year Round - The Mysterious World (1)

Temperature: 64.4 to 82.4 degree Fahrenheit

Medellin city is situated in the green mountain region of the Aura at an altitude of 4905 ft. Medellin city is known as ‘City of eternal spring.’ Named after the city’sspring like weather year round. The temperature in Medellin is ranged from 64.4to 82.4degree Fahrenheit.

Even in the rainy season, the temperature variation in Medellin city is minimal. It makes this city a real paradise, where locals and visitors can enjoy a wide variety of colorful flowers year-round.

9Nice, France

10 Cities With Best Weather Year Round - The Mysterious World (2)

Temperature: 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit on average

The magical city of Nice is situated on the Mediterranean coastline of Southeast of France. Apart from the spectacular blue-green sea on one side, this city is surrounded by the hill on the Northside. Such a unique location offers a pleasant climate all the year.

The Nice city receives moderate rainfall, sunny summers and gorgeous spring time. In addition to the delightful weather, the Nice city is famed for its beautiful beaches, narrow streets, old town and shopping offers.

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8Oahu, Hawaii

10 Cities With Best Weather Year Round - The Mysterious World (4)

Temperature: 75.2to89.6 Degree Fahrenheit

Oahu Island has the most pleasant weather in Hawaii. This beautiful Island receives excellent weather year round. The temperature in Oahulies between 75.2and 89.6degrees Fahrenheit. Even in winter, the highest temperature in Oahu measure around 77degrees Fahrenheit.

This great weather also plays a significant role in makingOahu Island as the mostpopular tourist destination in Hawaii. It is believed to be half of all tourists to the Hawaii State choose Oahu to visit. The crowded Oahu Island also has knownas ‘The gathering place.’

7Loja, Ecuador

10 Cities With Best Weather Year Round - The Mysterious World (5)

Temperature: 78.8 to 86 Degree Fahrenheit

The mountain city of Loja located in Southern Ecuador is famed for itsgorgeous, spring like weather year round. Lojais located at an altitude of 6788 ft above sea level. The high elevation has a significant impact on the great weather in the Loja city. Moreover, the temperature variation in this city is minimal, range between 78.8and 86degree Fahrenheitall time.

The 285.70 sq km spread Loja city encompasses hundreds of valleys in the Southern end of Ecuador. You can feel the perfect weather in every corner of the city. Loja city is also the musical and cultural capital of Ecuador.

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6Kunming, China

10 Cities With Best Weather Year Round - The Mysterious World (7)

Temperature: 68 Degree Fahrenheit

Kunming city in Yunnan province of China is one of the best cities to visit anytime in a year. Regardless of the season, Kunming city receives fantastic weather all year. Kunming is also known as spring citydue to its near perfect weather.

The temperature never rises too high even in summer., averages around 68degrees Fahrenheit. Winter is also dry in Kunming city. In addition to the spring like climate, Kunming city is knownfor its stunning landscapes and historical sites.

5Sao Paulo, Brazil

10 Cities With Best Weather Year Round - The Mysterious World (8)

Temperature: 71.6 to 82.4 Degree Fahrenheit

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Sao Paulo, the most populous city in Brazil, located on the island of the Southeastern part of the country. Low mountains surround this large city to the west. As within an inland location, Sao Paulo receives a pleasant climate with minimal temperature variations. The temperature in Sao Paulo ranges between 71.6 and 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

In summer, the temperature wouldn’t rise above 82.4degrees Fahrenheit. The winter in Sao Paulo is not so chilling, the average maximum temperature in winter is 73.4degrees Fahrenheit. Sao Paulo is also one of the best business and tourist destinations in Brazil. Every year, more than 12 million people visit this great city.

4Sydney, Australia

10 Cities With Best Weather Year Round - The Mysterious World (9)

Temperature: 73 Degree Fahrenheit

Undoubtedly Sydney is one of the greatest cities in the world. The city is famed for its booming art, heritage architecture, culture, high-quality educational system, and great weather. In Sydney, you can enjoy a superb climate all the time. The city offers more than 340 sunny days per year.

Summer is not so hot, and winter is mild in Sydney city. All seasons are good to visit Sydney. But spring and summer are the best time to enjoy beach activities in the city. Apart from the great climate, you can also enjoy many cultural activities, beautiful beaches, nature reserves and large parks in Sydney.

3Canary Islands, Spain

10 Cities With Best Weather Year Round - The Mysterious World (10)

Temperature: 62.6 to 75.2 Degree Fahrenheit

The Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago located on the West coast of Africa. Canary Islands consist of seven main islands and some islets. The Canary Islands have an excellentclimate year round.

Summer in these islands is warm, but not so hot, and the winter is mild. The average temperature in the Canary Islands ranges between 62.6and 75.2degrees Fahrenheit.

Out of 7 main Islands, Tenerife is the most popular island of the Canary Islands. It is also known as ‘Island of eternal spring,’ due tothe all-time, pleasant climate.

The trade winds and sea currents have a significant impact on the climate of Canary Islands. Because both of these forces causea cooling effect on the coast and land of the Canary Islands.

2Malaga, Spain

10 Cities With Best Weather Year Round - The Mysterious World (11)

Temperature: 62.6 to 66.2 degree Fahrenheit

Malaga is an another Spanish city with a pleasant subtropical-Mediterranean climate. Every year, the city receives about 300 days of sunshine. Malaga city is also fortunate for having warmest winters than any other European cities. The winter in the city is mild and temperature averages between 62.6and 66.2degrees Fahrenheit.

Even in winter, Malaga city has5-6 hours of sunshine. In the hot summer season, the average temperature in Malaga city measured at 77degrees Fahrenheit. The sunshine during this season lasts for almost 11 hours. You can also enjoy the beach activities throughout the autumn in Malaga city.

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1San Diego, California, U.S

10 Cities With Best Weather Year Round - The Mysterious World (15)

Temperature: 71.6 to 57.2 degree Fahrenheit

If San Diego is your next vacation spot, then you don’t have to worry about choosing the time for the visit. Because San Diego has an exceptionally great climate throughout the year. During the hot summer season, San Diego receives an average temperature of 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The winter is also good in the city with an average temperature of 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

San Diego gets over 300 sunny days every year. It makes the city as one of the best U.S destinations for beach activities. In summer (June-August), San Diego gets crowded with tourists. The water temperature also reaches its peak (69.8 degrees Fahrenheit) during this season. There are 33 beautiful beaches in San Diego. All these beaches offer some water sports and other attractions for the visitors.

Comic-Con is another major, summer attraction in the city. It is a globally famous and highly attending convention in San Diego. This function held every year in the month of June.

Even in spring and fall, San Diego has summer like climate. You can also enjoy warm seawater throughout these seasons. Compared to the summer season, the city receives fewer visitors in spring and fall. So, it is the best time to experience the San Diego city in a less crowded environment.

The winter in San Diego starts in December and end in February. Still, the city experiences a mild climate with an average winter temperature of 60.8 degrees Fahrenheit. San Diego also offers a lot of indoor activities for the visitors during this season.


What city in the world has the best weather year round? ›

San Diego, CA

In addition to being one of the best American cities for year-round weather, family-friendly San Deigo offers fantastic neighborhoods for singles and young professionals moving to this SoCal city.

Where is it 70 degrees year round in the world? ›

Loja in central-southern Ecuador is known as the “Valley Of Smiles”, and a visitor might quickly figure that the name comes from the weather (daily averages in the mid-70s pretty much all year long) rather than the city's reputation as the country's cultural epicenter for its music, arts, and original Colonial ...

Where in the US is it 65 degrees year round? ›

You can't beat the south and central California coast for pleasant temperatures year round. Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Maria all have average daily highs no less than the mid-60s for any month of the year.

Where in the world is it 80 degrees year round? ›

Lihue, Hawaii

Lihue, located on the island of Kauai, stays at a very temperate 80 degrees year-round. The highest temperature ever recorded in the city was 90 degrees. Most rainfall is light and occurs mostly in the winter months, seldomly getting stormy.

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I​n 2021, U.S. News and World Report analyzed resiliency data from the Environmental Protection Agency and found that the top five most climate-resilient cities in the U.S. were Anchorage, Alaska; Honolulu; Spokane, Washington; Eugene, Oregon; and Santa Barbara, California.

Where is the best place to live in the world for climate change? ›

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